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Children’s Integrated Services

Children’s Integrated Services

Children’s Integrated Services is the name given to Vermont’s approach to providing coordinated child development and family support services. This program brings parents and professionals together to identify areas where your child may need additional support. Your child’s team will work with you to coordinate the services s/he requires.

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Services Provided by CIS

Parent child home visits in Orange County, VT

Early Intervention, CIS-EI

A collaborative system of early intervention services for families with children ages birth to three. This program coordinates and provides services for infants and toddlers with medical conditions or developmental delays, or who are at risk for developing developmental delays. These services are delivered through a family-centered, coordinated system including speech and language, physical therapy, occupational therapy, developmental education, and more.

CIS Family Support, CIS-FS

Prenatal and postpartum support to women and families with children birth to age 6 with focus on: identification of family strengths and needs; role modeling and mentoring aimed at successful developmental of life skills to help achieve health, education, economic, personal, and parenting goals; anticipatory guidance and healthy child development; and assistance with access to community supports and services.

CIS Nursing

Prenatal & postpartum support to women and families with children birth to age 6 with focus on: health promotion, prevention, and well-being; support and education during pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and role transitions; nutritional and lactation support; child growth and development; safe and healthy environments; and assisting families to connect with high quality health care and support services in their community.

Early Childhood Family Mental Health, CIS-ECMH

Provides education to families with children birth to age 6 to support their children’s social-emotional development. Consultation and case management services are provided to families with children who have challenging behaviors.  Services are also available to support childcare providers and early education programs.

Specialized Child Care Services (SPCC)

Provides a continuum of services and supports to children and families with identified specialized needs, as well as to early childhood professionals who provide services to these children and families.

SPCC is intended to increase access to and enhance children’s success in high-quality child-development programs. SPCC may be provided directly to families, childcare providers, or through consultation with service providers.

For more information, or to make a referral to any of these programs, contact our CIS Coordinator, Monique Braman at (802) 685-2264 Ext 204 or