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Anti-Bias Statement Regarding Our Commitment to Racial Equity

Anti-bias statement in children's services
We, the Board of Directors, management, and staff of Orange County Parent Child Center understand that systems of racism and oppression are at the root of inequities in health, hunger, education, and economic opportunity.

We are fully aware that these issues disproportionately affect African American, indigenous, and all people of color in this country and in the State of Vermont.

As an organization that works with families and youth, we recognize that we have the responsibility to partner with parents in raising children who are not only respectful and kind but are also aware of injustice and their power to correct it. We commit to doing this work in developmentally appropriate ways rooted in hope and compassion.

In memory of the countless victims of police violence and human rights violations, and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we commit to:

  • Educating ourselves deeply about anti-racism, especially within the area of early childhood education.
  • Centering racial justice in all our work.
  • Listening to and amplifying the voices of African American people, indigenous people, and all other people of color in our community and nationwide.
  • Partnering with groups and organizations working on racial justice in our communities.
  • Ensuring the safety and comfort of marginalized communities in all of our programs and service models.
  • Changing our internal systems and structures wherever necessary to dismantle systemic racism.
  • Broadening the circle and expanding the conversation around racism in Vermont.